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Divorce Date impacts to Family Page


I'm using FTM ver 2006 and UncleGED 10.1 and have been very pleased. I've tried several programs and this is by far the best generated .html that I've found to-date. Few offer generation of facts and notes. Thanks for providing this freeware and thanks for allowing the users to suggest enhancements, identify bugs, and provide feedback.
I noticed today that all the genereated marriage dates are incorrect for those individuals now divorced. UncleGED is displaying the Divorce date instead of the marriage date. Below is an example from my FTM generated GED file.
0 @F0029@ FAM
1 HUSB @I00017@
1 WIFE @I05032@
1 CHIL @I05017@
2 _FREL Step
2 _MREL Natural
1 CHIL @I05010@
2 _FREL Natural
2 _MREL Natural
2 DATE 8 MAY 1954
2 PLAC Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada
1 _FA1
2 DATE 22 JUL 1993
2 PLAC Cedar City, Iron County, Utah
1 _MEND Divorce
The marriage date UncleGED generated is 22 July 1993, where I expected 8 May 1954.
I bet this has something to do with FTM and the way they handle facts, specifically custom fact types. FTM allows freeform/custom fact types for whatever the user purpose. I'm unaware of GED standards, so this is confusing to me. I'm unaware if "Divorce" is a standard. Looking deeper at UncleGED, I thought the "Pages tab > Display most recent change date on family page" could possible effect the generated date, but I tried both selected and unselected and found no impact to the generated marriage date.
Perhaps UncleGED should add to their documentation a list of which fact types are eligible for use and their position on freeform/custom fact types. If more than 1, then "Marriage Facts" maybe the UncleGED problem.
Again, thanks for all your work and the patience to review these kind of posts. This issue has impacted me to the extent, that I have removed my UncleGED generated html website until we can solve this problem. I anxiously wait findings.
Closed May 9, 2011 at 1:23 AM by mdeback
Fixed in release 10.02


janders981 wrote Dec 30, 2009 at 5:58 AM

I've upgraded to FTM 2010. The _FA1 has been replaced by DIV. Testing so far shows the correct marriage date.

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mdeback wrote Sep 19, 2010 at 8:15 PM

At any rate this is a bug in UG 10.01, in that any unrecognized (custom) level-1 GEDCOM tag is ignored and its sub-level data can overwrite the previous tags date, place, etc. This will be corrected in version 10.02 and the tagtotext file can be used to give new meaning to custom GEDCOM tags. For that matter, any GEDCOM tag's display text can be modified using the tagtotext file.

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