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UncleGED not excluding individuals born less than ? years


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I've been using UncleGED for years but I've never in the past used the option of excluding individuals who were born less than a set number of years before. Since I've had some complaints from distant cousins about their information (names only, I privatize before exporting in FTW) being available online, I decided this time to use this option. After I ran my GEDCOM through UncleGED I checked the pages it produced and NONE of the individuals born during the timeframe I chose had been excluded! Can anyone tell me why this is please?I'm running UncleGED v.9.8.3389.36684 and Family Tree Maker 2006 (I do own the new version, but I had major problems with notes on exporting). Any help would be very much appreciated thanks!
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Was fixed in 10.0


mdeback wrote Jul 4, 2009 at 10:49 PM

This feature appears to have been broken when the product was first ported over from VB6. There were multiple issues - 1) all collection classes Remove method had this.Remove and been changed to this.BaseRemove and this.BaseRemoveAt. 2) The for-loops were incorrectly constructed.

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