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Version History

UncleGED 10.02 - 26 September 2010

Items addressed in this build:

UncleGED 10.01 - 18 July 2009

Items addressed in this build: New Features Added:

UncleGED 10.0 - 4 July, 2009

UncleGED 9.09 - May, 2009

  • Fixed problem involving Notes not appearing in published output. This was seen with GEDCOM produced by Legacy and recent versions of Family Tree Maker
  • Fixed problem with Privacy option where individuals with birth dates that are a partial date were not being marked private

9.08 - April, 2009

New feature: added option to generate an RSS feed (rssfeed.xml) containing a listing of the most recent changes. See CreateRSSFeed, RssRootURL, RssDescription, and DaysRecent in documentation.
Fixed spacing of footer menu on family pages
Fixed problem where copyright class in CSS was being ignored
Added new options regarding CSS: No CSS, Use default uged.css, or Copy CSS from a specific location.
Default files are copied to "My UncleGED" on first time start-up instead of being installed directly. This has been done to take into account multiple users on same machine.
Fixed problem where last project was not being opened when UncleGED was started.
Fixed problem with "Birth" & "Death" labels for children on family pages.
Fixed problem with ordering of events on family pages (Birth and Death now appears first in list of events)
Fixed problem some dates displaying incorrectly.

9.07 - March, 2009

Changed behavior of Privacy option so that if this option all dates and events are suppressed for individuals born after BirthCutOffYears.
The options “Exclude individuals Born less than x years ago” and “Mark information for individuals currently living as private.” are mutually exclusive. Therefore when now checking on option will uncheck the other option.
Added option to display menu at top of families instead of menu at bottom of page.
Changed default log4net.config so that fewer log files are created.
Fixed problem with comma spacing in locations and leading/trailing punctuation is stripped from location.

9.06 - December, 2008

The only change in this version is that the Help|Contents menu item now displays a compiled help file instead of the PDF user's guide.

9.05 - November, 2008

This new version has one minor change and one bug fix.

CHANGED: On family pages changed “Marriage Events for…” to now read “Marriage/Union Events for…”
FIXED: Removed the word “Other” from Events (GEDCOM tag “EVEN”)

9.04 - October, 2008

Minor update to correct problem where version of UncleGED displayed on HTML pages was different from version displayed Uncle GED Help|About.

Fixed problem with Reverse Locations that was introduced in 9.02. The first location part was getting dropped.

9.02 - May, 2008

Enhancements In This Release

Added the option of displaying a small pedigree chart on person pages for each individual
Fixes In This Release

Fixed a problem where the Reverse Locations (ie. country, state, county, city) option for the Locations page was not working

9.01 - January, 2008

Fixes In This Release

Fixed a problem that has always been in UncleGED where if an individual has more than one NAME entry in the their GEDCOM listing UG is using the last NAME entry that it collects from the file.
Fixed a problem where if the fam prefix was changed to something other than "fam" some links on pages were incorrect.
Added a new option called "HomeEqualsHomePage". This option setting is found on the Author tab just beneath the "Home Page". if this option is selected then all "Home" and "Table of Contents" links will point the URI specified in the "Home Page" entry. If this option is not selected then default index.htm becomes the target of "Home" and "Table of Contents".

9.00 - December 2007

What's New?

New UI - The user interface has been changed to correct problems in the previous release where in some cases there were buttons missing from the user interface as noted below in Fixes In This Release .
Persons Pages - There is now the option of "Page Styles". The classic Family Pages is still supported, but there is now the option to create Person Pages (see Samples for more information).
Support for Other Languages - Titles and Labels that appear on the pages are now configurable which allows for the pages to be translated into language other than English. There is also a Tag-To-Text file (tagtotext.txt) which allows for translating the labels used for each GEDCOM tag found in the GEDCOM file.
Fixes In This Release

In UncleGED 8.xx the user interface was in some cases missing the "Help", "Back", "Next" and "Cancel" buttons. This occured if the Windows Display (DPI) settings are set to "large fonts" (greater than 96 DPI). This is no longer an issue in release 9.xx as the user interface has been changed.
Known Issues

The user's guide is not 100% current for this new release and is in the process of being updated.

8.07 - October 2007

Fixes In This Release

ind_idx.html showed "copyright © yyyy" instead of the actual year (fixed in 8.06)
Fixed problem where some GEDCOMs contain references to "dummy" individuals and the RIN = "@I0@" - found this problem in files produced by Ancestor Quest, FamTreesQE
Fixed problem where some GECDOMs can contain invalid dates such as "?" - found in file produced by Kith And Kin.
Worked around problem with reading GEDCOM files produced by ROOTSIII - has unusual way of its use of SOURCE entries - not sure what this is all about
Found and fixed problem when reading GEDCOM files produced by The Family Edge Plus - embedded CR in GEDCOM line
Known Issues

If the option is selected to produce an occupations page and there are no occupations in the GEDCOM an link for the occupations page is added to the table of contents, but no page is produced.
User interface is missing the "Help", "Back", "Next" and "Cancel" buttons. This occurs if the Windows Display (DPI) settings are set to "large fonts" (greater than 96 DPI). This will be fixed in the next release of UncleGED.

8.04 - September 2007

Fixes In This Release

1) Under some circumstances, Uncle GED would fail to create a chrono.htm file and exits the web-page building loop prematurely. The result is that chrono.htm and other files are not built. This turns out to have been a problem only seen if the systems "Regional And Language Settings" were set to something other than "English (United States)" (for example "English (United Kingdom)"). This issue has been fixed and the chrono.htm file should be created regardless of the systems regional settings.

Changes From Previous Release

1. In previous version the default location for GEDCOM files and for HTML output was "C:\Program Files\UncleGED\gedcom" and "C:\Program Files\UncleGED\html". This has been changed so that new location (path) is the current user's "My Documents\My UncleGED\gedcom" and "My Documents\My UncleGED\html". This change was made primarily address issues noted when running UncleGED on Windows Vista.

Previous Fixes

Fixed problem with estimated dates entered as BET <DATE> AND <DATE>. Uncle GED was rendering dates found in the GEDCOM such as, for example "BET Jul AND SEP 1891" as "between Jul and September 01, 1891". Though techinally incorrect, dates entered, for example, as BET Jul AND SEP 1891should be interpreted as BET Jul 01, 0001 AND SEP 30, 1891. Rather than be picky about, Uncle GED now renders dates such as this as "between July and September, 1891".

Found that <div> tags for the cascading style sheet (uged.css) were missing and have been added.

Known Problems

8.00 - June 2007

Initial Release

7.01 - February 2007

Fixed banner size problem

7.00 - July 2004

New interface

6.00 - January 2004

Command-line version

5.02 - January 2004 -

Fixed problem with surname counts on Surname page
Remove Last Updated column from Index of Individuals if the "Display most recent update for individual on index page" is not selected.

5.01 - July 2003

Added some enhancements to the display of sources.

5.00 - October 2002

Fixed problem In UncleGED rel 4.01 - It was brought to my attention that the rel 4.01 of UncleGED contained a design flaw that could result in the unintentional loss of data if it is configured to write its HTML output to a directory that contains data files other than the ones written by UncleGED. Prior to release 4.01 the HTML output directory was fixed to write files to the UncleGED\html directory. The intent of this was that this directory would serve as a temporary holding place for HTML files created by UncleGED. Further it was intent that this directory would hold only those files that UncleGED wrote. In release 4.01 a new option was added that would allow the user to select a different directory for the html files. It was not anticipated that a user would select a directory containing files from another source, such that selecting that directory that contained other files would result in the loss of data. Therefore UncleGED 4.01 was immediately pulled from distribution.

This problem has been corrected in in release 5. UncleGED no longer deletes files prior to writing the HTML. If HTML files exist in the target directory, a message will be displayed that some files (files previously created by UncleGED) may be overwritten.

Some Features Have Been Removed - In an effort to focus UncleGED on just the process of creating HTML files, the catalog and book functions have been removed from release 5 of UncleGED.

4.01 - June 2002

Additiions made in this release primarily add features that make customizing UncleGED's HTML pages easier
Option "Author's URL" was not being used and has been changed to read Home Page
You may now specify any background or banner image that you wish by providing a URL path to the image files
You may now specify directory locations for files
You may now specify a title for the main page (index.htm)
UncleGED will now optionally display the Options dialog prior to building the HTML pages so that you may change any optional settings.
After building the HTML pages a dialog will appear asking if you want to review the results. Added documentation regarding Occupations pages.
Added support for creating Occupatuions pages from GEDCOMs produced with Legacy 4 (problem does not exist in Legacy 3).

4.00 - April 2002

Added the following:
Save To Book
Added "Other Marriages" To Family Pages
Optimized UncleGED's processing of larger GEDCOM files


A minor maintainance release with a new feature added:

Added "More Stats" - this is a button and a menu item that provides some extra statistical information regarding the GEDCOM file that you are working with.
Fixed some cosmetic problems noticed when running on different Windows desktop themes.


Fixed some problems involving sources and added some new options:
Made the display of links on chronology page an option
Made surname all caps an option.
Fixed a problem where RIN/MRIN was incorrectly represented. Added source notes from citation details
Fixed problem where long source titles and long publication information was being cut-off.
Added option to display most recent change date on family pages.
Added option to display last update for individual on index page.
Added option to display in bold formatting the most recent updates on index page (within last 90 days).
Re-designed the options dialog
Replaced Windows help file with User's Guide in PDF format.
Corrected problem with GENDEX files.
Added option option to report if file is in non-ANSI format.


Minor update
Modified the way in which UncleGED handles ranged dates such as BEF, AFT, and BET-AND
Added a locations report for listing and displaying place names from GEDCOM report.


Fixed one problem and added a couple new features:
Fixed a problem with GENDEX FILE. Was not formatting it correctly.
Cleaned-up the sources page and made it so that source links from family pages when clicked jump to the source listing on the page.
Was not listing sources for individuals that appeared only as children on a family page and who did not have their own family pages. This has been corrected.
Was not including citation details with sources. Have added page numbers, will add the rest later
Added an option for creating a Chronology of Events page.

3.00 - October 2001

Added number of nice-to-have features along with a fix to an over-sight . The over-sight was in leaving out Marriage Notes. I wish to extend my thanks to a loyal supporter for having pointed out this over-sight to me.


Minor update
Fixed a problem where when reading marriage notes for a family where one spouse did not have a name UncleGED would stop writing the HTML files and display an error.
Changed the default field separator for catalog files from tab to comma/quote. Tab-delimited catalog files can be specified by going to the Options dialog under the Tools|Options menu selection.
The process status dialog box has been removed and this information now appears on the main window during processing.


Fixed a problem where estimated locations (i.e. locations surround by < >) were not being displayed in HTML pages because the string was being treated as a HTML tag. Also, fixed a problem where text associated with the OCCU gedcom tag was being ignored.
Changed treatment for approximated dates because in some cases they might be mistaken for a surname.
ABT 1890 is now displayed as abt. 1890
EST 1775 is now displayed as 1775 (est)
CAL 1932 is now displayed as 1932 (calc)


Two fixes in this release: Fixed problem with reading Event types labeled NOTE in gedcoms produced with PAF 4.0. Also fixed problem where notes stored in gedcoms produced by Legacy 3.0 were being ignored.


A minor update with some extra added features: You may now open a GEDCOM file for view only. When a file is opened as view only and it is not fully processed for writting to HTML nor for cataloging the data to a database, however this is much faster and saves time when you just want to view the contents of a large GEDCOM file (thousands of individuals as opposed to hundreds).
Also added to this version is a menu option that allows you copy information regarding a selected individual to the clipboard. With this you may then paste this information into a text editor, word processor, or an email.
Added a button for viewing notes if an individual has notes associated them.


In testing UncleGED with GEDCOM files produced by PAF 4.0 I discovered that it was not finding notes that were stored along with the file. This has been fixed as of version 2.01.

2.00 - June 2000

Here's what's new and different in version 2:
1. Opening a file does not automatically produce the HTML files. You now have a few more choices.
2. You can browse the contents of the file.
3. You search (filter) for a specific surname (with or without soundex).
4. There is a soundex calculator.
5. If there are notes in the GEDCOM file, you can extract those notes to a HTML file for easy browsing.
6. Catalog files - this allows you write the contents of the file out to three (or four?) tab delimited files that can then be read into a spreadsheet or a database. This does not store all of the information contained in the GEDCOM file, only basic information such as birth, death, father, mother, spouse, children, etc.
7. There is a feature called Auto-Catalog that will read all of the GEDCOM files located in .\gedcom and append their contents into the previously mentioned tab delimited files. This is useful if you download several GEDCOM files at a time and you want only to store them in a database for later browsing.
8. There is, of course, still the portion that does the HTML files. I have corrected the problem involving missing tags.


Fixed a couple of minor bugs. Added Uninstall support to the setup. Removed sample.ged. Provided two sample files: ABigGed.ged and ASmallGed.ged. Added Read-Only option. This option can be used to preview the size of GEDCOM file by reading the number of individuals and families in the file.

1.00 - October 1999

Original Release

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