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Notes on Source Code

The original version of UncleGED was written in VB6 and around release 7 it was first ported to VB.NET and then to C#. The current source code is contained in a Visual Studio 2008 solution and contains seven projects, five of which are written in C#, one VB.NET project, and the deployment (installer) project.

The projects are as follows....
  • ugedlib - UncleGED Class Library - this is the main workhorse and contains all of the code for processing the GEDCOM data and producing the HTML files. This is a C# project.
  • ugvbtools - Uncle Ged Tools Library - contains functions written VB.NET that used by both the UncleGED Class Library and the UncleGED GUI.
  • UncleGED - UncleGED user interface and project manager. This is a C# Windows Forms project.
  • uged - Command-line version of UncleGED. This is a C# console project.
  • rssutilities - this is third-party class library for generating RSS feeds. This was obtained from CodeProject and holds a MIT open-source license.
  • date_est_test - a command-line tool used for testing the date estimation feature.
  • Uncle Ged - the deployment project for UncleGED

The solution is maintain with Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, but can be built with Visual Studio 2008 C# Express Edition. Two exceptions are the VB.NET and deployment projects which can not be opened with the C# Express Edition.

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