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UncleGED is a GED-to-HTML utility which has been freely distributed since 1999 at It has been made into an open-source project in the event that others may have fresh ideas and wish to contribute to the project.

Please Note: If you came to this page by clicking on the UncleGED copyright statement on somebody's family data on the web, and you are thinking sending an email to ask us a question about a surname that you are interested in, please press BACK button now. UncleGED is the program that was used to create the page you were just looking at.

UncleGED is a free GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion tool that will allow you create web pages to show off the family history data that you have collected and exported to GEDCOM files.




Sample Site with Family Pages
Sample Site with Person Pages

Sample Chronology Page
Sample Locations and Placenames Page

CSS Examples

Example 1 (darkgreen Book Antiqua font w/ gray table) CSS file for Example 1
Example 2 (gold Papyrus font on black background) CSS file for Example 2
Example 3 (silver Lucida Calligraphy font on maroon background) CSS file for Example 3

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